A new home…

Well this is it. My second blog. I suppose that the first doesn’t count as it lives on LiveJournal and in about a year and a half it has seen no human contact. Though it should also be mentioned that I just counted up the number of posts in nearly two years and 35 is a pitiful number. Never mind allusive followers, I see now that I’ve failed you as a blogger.




More to the point, it has come to my attention that my LJ is really just a mind dump for whatever my creative blunders happen to be at any given time. Now while that journal has served me well, and I imagine, will continue to in that respect, I believe it is time for a more serious sort of blogging. At least the kind which hopefully others may read.  That is the hope anyway.


With that in mind I’ll lay out the parameters of what content will find itself splattered across these pages.

-Flash fiction (I’m hoping to start a flash fiction challenge with a few other writing friends)

-Excerpts from my current projects (as they are edited.)

-Tips!  (From writing to publishing to competitions and procrastination. Whatever I stumble upon or find myself using as a method that might be helpful to others.)

I’ll likely also plug any of my other projects just for exposure so be prepared for that too my avid would- be readers…


Dear Dumbledore,  let me find readers…


At any rate, legitimate content posts shall begin appearing within the week so if you stumble upon this now don’t fret and check back please.

Also once I hear back from my writing buddies I’ll set up some sort of regular posting schedule…

At least we can hope.


Link to my Live Journal for anyone interested.


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