It’s all in a name.

I wasn’t expecting to post again so soon but when I stumbled on this gem I couldn’t resist.  To all aspiring authors, read this —>How to Name Call.

Did you read it?


Be honest.


Alright, I have to confess that even though I’ve spent the better part of my brain power reworking my principle series for the past several months, I’ve not given any consideration to names and their meanings and I’m currently kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

My favorite author is J.K. Rowling and as this lovely blogger pointed out, The Harry Potter series would have been seriously lacking a major element of its development had the names been chosen at random.

As someone who cares deeply for double meanings and secret information buried away like dragon’s treasure  in the darkest pages of my favorite books, I cannot believe that I’ve overlooked this for as long as I have in my own works and now, I have something else to add to the To Do list…

Poor/random naming is actually one of my biggest pet peeves in sci-fi and high fantasy. While I can appreciate creating a new language from a linguistic perspective, I have trouble feeling anything for characters with whom I can infer nothing about their presence from their name.




Kicking myself…


At least I can repent within the pages of my manuscript until suitable changes are made. Thankfully I can only think of three names which actually require a total overhaul. There are also three MC’s whose names require no changes at all and were perfectly chosen. Well, perfect to me. At any rate.


Happy Scribbling!




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