Flash Fiction #1

Call me maybe.

That’s all I said. All I could think of as he walked away from me. Perhaps forever. I couldn’t stand the thought.

Didn’t want to contemplate it. This wasn’t happening.

Rain slid down my face, clear as glass, cold as snow. And I stood there unmoving. Unwilling to breath, as my heart broke into a thousand pieces.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. This wasn’t how I’d imagined my junior year. Or us.

And now he’d gone behind my back and it was over.


He never turned around. Not once as he walked the long, flat road back to his house, and I watched the whole way. Listened to every whack of his skater shoes on the paved side walk and still, he never looked back. Not once.

I couldn’t breath. Even as my lips parted and I dragged the air into my lungs, I couldn’t fill them enough. Every molecule seemed to little and then, I burst. Fat, hot tears streaked my cheeks, mixing with the rain.

Everything was Gray except the bright red tunnel through which I saw him walk away from us. From me.

Even if he came home, we’d never be the same.

And there was no telling if he’d even come to his senses. It might have already been too late. I wasn’t sure how it all worked, but I couldn’t process anything anyway. Right then my knees gave out and I was left gasping along the side of the road, listening, to those horrid whacks, getting softer in the distance.

What can you do?

What can you do when you’re sixteen and a soldier’s girl?

Just some random flash fiction before bed. I found a prompt online whose instructions were “Write some fiction where the first sentence is <call me maybe>”… and then I did.

I apologize.

At any rate I’ll be back tomorrow with some other kernel of wisdom. Don’t fret and happy scribbling.

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