Goodreads vs. Stop the GR Bullies

Sigh. I don’t even know where to begin on this one. 

Actually I do. I only joined good reads a few days ago and so far I think it’s a pretty cool place. That being said I just like having a visual list of what I’ve read so far and what I’m planning to read all in one nice place with the covers and whatnot so I’m not really paying attention to what anyone else is doing. 

Now let’s flip over to STGRB. I spotted a post yesterday in the freshly pressed section which led me to this gem. Having never really heard of any of this stuff before, I read the articles and then found myself scanning the STGRB’s page as well as some of the accused bullies. 


I don’t know how many other people were aware of this little section of drama on the internet and while I kind of want to suggest that everyone educate themselves about, I can’t do that in good faith. And why, you may ask?

Well, because I’m an adult, who didn’t appreciate grade school or high school and was both bullied and did some bullying of my own and all I can do at this whole situation is shake my head and wonder why this is important to people. Why is making other people’s lives miserable worthwhile. Couldn’t you spend that time reading more books, or writing some perhaps? 

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and yes those debates can get heated but I personally wish everyone could take a deep breath and step back, walk away and go do something useful. Preferably creative. 

Imagine how many new wonderful books could come out into the world, how many beautiful paintings, enchanting songs, if everyone just sat down and relaxed, drank some tea, and produced something. Put their energy into sending something thoughtful off into the world. 

Not everyone has to like what say or do or make, and it would be a painfully boring world if they did. But it doesn’t mean that we should waste what time we’re given tearing others down.


That’s my peace. 


Please have a lovely day and try not to let the ridiculous of the world get you down. 



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