Writer’s Block – Fact or Fiction?

Ok. This is a thing. I tried making excuses for it, but I’m really enjoying these posts, so this is a thing. Embrace it.

I’ll make a separate category for these posts later, but for now I would like to draw your attention to this post which caught my eye earlier. Writer’s Block: Imaginary Affliction or Tangible Trouble?.

Now this lovely individual very gracefully covered a topic which is apparently controversial in the writing world. I wasn’t aware that there was this epic debate over the validity of writer’s block, but evidently there is. Personally I think that Daniel Koeker did a nice job confronting some of these anti – block sentiments that are floating about the internet.


And naturally I’d like to address some of my own beliefs on the topic. Settle in readers. Settle in.


Alright, so as I mentioned above, I never realized that there are writer’s who don’t believe in writer’s block but I guess I’m not terribly surprised. For every opinion out there, someone has to oppose it. It’s a rule somewhere.

The things that make perfect sense to us, are the fuel for bloody battles and rude conversations from someone out there, and it doesn’t matter what that thing is.

So you might be one side of the argument or another but I feel as though I’m kind of in the middle on this particular debate. You see, I believe writer’s block exists. I just don’t ever have it.

Someone out there is probably cursing me for that I’m sure.

I’ve been writing fiction both fan fiction and original fiction for the better part of twelve years and while there are times when it’s difficult, I can’t say as I’ve ever experienced writer’s block.

That being said, I’m curious as to the definitions of writer’s block and how mine pairs up with other people’s.

Is writer’s block the time when you stare blankly at a page without knowing what to write? Or is it when you’re too busy with chores or work or life to find time to write? Is it those moments when you’re working on a project and you don’t want to be? Or when you’ve spent ten minutes trying to think of a name for your MC’s, cousin’s dog and a Fido is just not working for you?


I guess what I’m saying is who makes up the definition for this phenomenon and how exactly do people react to it?

Perhaps it’s my outlook on the writing process that leads me never to feel like I’ve experienced writer’s block?

I am never at a loss to write something. Seriously, I think you’ve all caught on by now that I could just talk forever and it’s no different when I’m writing. I am never lacking a project wishing to be started in my mind. In fact I wonder if I’ll have enough time before I die to see all my projects through to the end.

I guess by some peoples calculations this means I’ve never had writer’s block. But I’m sure someone out there is saying, “Well, what about when you’re sitting at you computer and can’t think of something to write?”

Doesn’t happen.

I’m one of those people who whole heartedly takes the NANOWRIMO approach of write now ask questions later. If I don’t know what my characters should be doing, I let them wander around aimlessly until I figure it out again. I don’t stop and wonder how to make it all perfect. At the same time I spend a ridiculous amount of time planning, and world building and asking my character’s questions  and crafting all my subplots or ideas in one place so that I am rarely at a loss as to where the story is going or at the very least, I write myself a list of options.

If I’m planning and I don’t know where a story is going to go from a certain point on I write my outline until that point and then give myself a logical list of options for where to go from there. When I get to the scene I take the path that feels the most right at the time and when that scene is over I go back to the outline and plan ahead until I hit another option. But I don’t stop writing for hours or day or weeks at a time.

Which is another thing entirely. If I’m not writing because my life is too full, then that’s the reason. Not because I can’t think of anything. When I am not writing, even if I’ve written for two or three hours, when I stop for the day, scenes and options are always being worked out in the back of my head.

I feel like if I can’t go further on a particular story, it’s because I haven’t spent enough time plotting or figuring out my options. And let’s face it, you have all the options you want to have. You’re the writer and basically the God of whatever you’re working on. So then I work on what I know and the juices flow and eventually I can get back to the actual writing. But to me, plotting and world building is just as important as getting the chapters written. The world and plot are the skeleton and the chapters the meat so I never feel properly prepared if I don’t have any info ahead of time.

I don’t know if all this is normal for other’s but I honestly never feel like I’ve got writer’s block. You might disagree with me, but I say Tomato – Tomato.


Do you have writer’s block? Are you immune? What techniques do you use to keep the ball rolling? Leave me a comment. I’d love to hear how other’s feel about this topic.


Also a bit of shameless plug, I just opened an Etsy store to sell Harry Potter earrings and I’ll be adding other Nerdy charms and such in the near future. So if that sounds at all interesting to you please check it out.


Otherwise Happy Scribbling!

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