The Sound of Silence- Ideal writing conditions

How do you write? With music? Lyrics or soundtracks? Silence? In busy cafes?

If your environment is not ideal how does your work fair?

This topic seems to be of particular importance to me today because in the USA, it’s labor day weekend. Which boils down to hanging out with friends and family and possibly, if you’re like me, trying to work on a project amidst the chaos.

I personally required music, whether it has lyrics or not doesn’t matter, for the first fifteen to twenty minutes of my prep time/ organizing my thoughts etc. After that I work best with non lyrical soundtracks or silence.

So naturally, someone is watching The Little Mermaid one room over, another is watching YouTube videos next to me, there are dogs barking down stairs and outside, and loud music is pulsing throughout the house so that it can be heard outside by the cluster of very loud, happy intoxicated folks on the lawn…. As you might imagine, my productivity as well as my nerves are wearing thin.

So I come to you today with the question, how do you deal with working in your least ideal environment.

I for one generally take my headphones however at this level of chaos I’m unable to turn it up loud enough to drown out the noise while retaining my powers of intelligent thought to work effectively…

So please, let me know in the comments what your ideal writing conditions are and what you do when they aren’t ideal.

I am seriously dying to get some suggestions on this one.

Happy (attempted) scribbling.