The negotiation (flash fiction)

They stood over my body, inspecting my parts as if I were a common place whore. I’ll have them know that I’m top of the line. At least I was two years ago. Since then, plenty of beauty’s have come out and I’ve all but been forgotten.

“I’m not paying that.”

“Well I’m not going any lower, you want her, that’s the price.”

“But she’s not new.”

“If she were you’d be paying twice this.”

I sighed in disgust as they bickered and it was all I could stand not to  just burst then and there. But as they finally settled on a price, and signed the paper work, I came across a better idea that got my gears all a flutter.

As the oaf who’d insulted my age and activities, body and features, slid home that evening, I contented myself with plotting his demise. I thought all night, planning and resigning myself to my lot in life, I said my last prayers and lay in wait.

Sure as day, he returned for another ride the next morning and he’d only just begun when I swerved out from under him and we both crashed and burned in the gorge below. I sighed contentedly every foot of the way down.





So here’s today’s post. Much shorter than I normally do, I enjoyed it and I didn’t feel the need to add any more. In any case I’ve never written a lot of really short pieces in such quick succession and I’ve realized that I have a fondness for killing someone in each of these little glimpses. Haha. I think it’s probably because I don’t really care about the characters but meh, still fun to write. Have a lovely day everyone. ^__^

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