Waiter’s note (flash fiction)

The sunlight warmed my sweater and distracted me from my meal.


I’m sorry what were you saying Elizabeth?” I said, taking off the offending garment.


Hmm, oh, I was just saying that Jordan’s having a sale at her boutique. Thirty-five percent off, can you believe it?” Her eyes gleamed as she excitedly forked another bite of her salad with more zest than I could ever give it.


Glancing down at my half eaten Alfredo pasta, it was painfully obvious to me why I looked my age and Elizabeth still had the air of a thirty something. Hell half the time, she acted like she had when we were in college. All partying, men and booze.

I sighed in disgust and pushed my plate forward an inch. “So what did you buy?”


Oh sweetie, what didn’t I buy.” She laughed and took a swig of her wine. “Honestly, I was unstoppable. I’ll have to show you the loot when we stop by my house.”


I looked up startled. I didn’t know that she planned for me to come over today. Sometimes I’d visit for another glass of wine after our weekly meal, but it had been a while since we’d done it regularly. “Oh I’m stopping by? I thought that Charles would be home?” Charles was her newest boyfriend in a very long line of boyfriends. Elizabeth changed men like other women changed underwear.


Elizabeth scoffed, not noticing my disinterest in having her latest size 6 haul dangled in front of my size 12 face. “He’s long gone, so I’m sure he won’t mind a bit.”


Rolling my eyes, I shook my head in disbelief. “He’s gone already. You only started dating him two weeks ago. What happened?”


Oh you know, the usual.”


I lifted an eyebrow and pulled down the other, watching her intently. There was certainly a usual for Elizabeth’s habits with men and I wouldn’t considered it the usual for anyone else.


She let loose a bright smile, her cheeks flushed and she tilted her head away. Her eyes flashed toward me once but she couldn’t continue to meet my eyes.


Dear god, he must be under age, I thought. Or near it at least. She’d never played coy in all the years I’d known her. I hadn’t even know she’d had the ability to become embarrassed. What the hell?


Before I got to push her for more details, the waiter appeared with our check. I found myself staring at the small slip of paper within the black leather envelope. Beneath the bill, he’d written a note and when I looked up, he was already hurrying away to another table. The tiny black script was cramped and jerky, as if the young man had been quite nervous while writing.


As my brain deciphered his handwriting, I understood less and less of what he was saying. I couldn’t seem to think straight and I suddenly felt a chill wash over my body. Tugging on my sweater, I glanced up at Elizabeth. She was busy powdering her nose and I could see that she’d already payed her bill.


Anger tore through my chest in waves as I looked at the note again. It read.


Your husband ate here last night with your friend. It was cozy. I’m sorry.


The small slip on which it was written, was a photocopy of a bill, dated yesterday, baring my husbands signature. There was a salad.


I screamed inside my mind, but then all of a sudden Elizabeth and I were walking arm and arm outside of the restaurant. Splitting into our separate cars, I followed her home for that extra glass of wine.


I don’t remember the drive so well, or even coming inside her house. But I do remember the look on her face before I suffocated her with her newest knit sweater.


Apparently sometimes it pays to be the fat best friend. She couldn’t fight me at all. Bitch.


Now to find my husband. 



So this was my flash fiction for yesterday, unfortunately I didn’t have an opportunity to type it up until this morning. I find the prompt at Writer’s Digest like usual, and it was under the same title as this.  I’ll be back in a little while to post today’s fiction. Hope you enjoy.

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