Lofty goals, life and Nanowrimo

Lofty goals lead to greater falls it seems. While I had intended to get quite a bit of writing done, both on personal projects, as well as my daily flash fiction challenge, the rest of my life had other plans. Stress, illness, and financial troubles are a poor combination and unfortunately they appear to have taken over my life. So here’s to lame excuses and getting back on track.

We are currently eight days away from NaNoWriMo/ November. For those unaware of this lovely tradition, November is National Novel Writing Month, wherein writer’s get together to jot 50k worth of a new novel. Or something like that. There are all sorts of variations in terms of length and content and whatnot, but essentially the idea is to throw caution to the wind and write your little heart out for four weeks straight. Whether you’re writing just for the pleasure of it, or in hopes of publishing, it’s a great exercise in daily writing, setting and meeting goals and pushing through the rough patches. 

So it should come as no surprise to anyone, that I’m currently gearing up for nano. In the past I’ve participated in seven different months of nanos (there are forums for people to do the competition any month of the year), I’ve won 4 times and written a total of about 255k. 

This year I’ll be rebelling and not working on a new draft, which is sad, because I love going into it with a fresh new project, but I really have to work on a series that I’m dealing with at the moment. For added fun, some buddies from my college writing group have issued a challenge to write 100k instead of 50k during the month so naturally, I’ll be trying that as well. It’s a very good thing that failing to meet incredibly high goals doesn’t seem to phase me… In any case, if you are planning to participate in NaNoWriMo this November and are interested in some new writing buddies or want to challenge me to some sprints or word wars, please feel free to shoot my a message and we’ll get that all set.


Good luck to those out there with lofty goals and dreams of 50k excellence!