The wonderful thing about writing

The wonderful thing about writing is, well, everything. The other day I began a journal entry on this topic and later realized that it would make a decent post. So without further ado…

1. No fancy supplies.

A writer can write on a thousand dollar computer or in a dollar store notebook, or on a cell phone, or with finger paint if you so choose. There is no limitation on what you can use to produce your work. Pens, pencils, laptops whatever. Which means writing is accessible to everyone.

2. Anytime, anywhere.

At home, at the office, on a bus or train, while walking, on the treadmill, in a coffee shop, etc. You can write anywhere. I written in classes, or trams and buses, in my bed, at the library, at McDonald’s, at cafes, restaurants, bars, under tables, on top of tables, the gym, even at my treadmill desk. There are no limits on places to practice your craft.

3. No qualifications.

I attended university for French and international affairs, not creative writing. You don’t need a degree, license, or anyone’s approval to start writing. You get to decide when and where and how you write all on your own and there no wrong way to do start.

4. No limit to what you can do.

Romance, fantasy, sci-fi, literary, fiction and non-fiction, western, crime, mystery, horror, whatever. Children’s, young adult, adult, teen, middle grade, take your pick. If one doesn’t work for you pick another. Hell you can even change your pov or your choice of persons. All the options are at your disposal.

All of these reasons as well as more basically mean that absolutely anyone can be a writer. You don’t need anything special, you can be any kind of writer, anytime, anywhere.

I think sometimes it’s easy to forget about the stories that need to be told and get caught up and overwhelmed by all the things we don’t have. Degrees, expensive writing programs, someone’s approval. But really, the only thing that sets writers apart from one another is passion. Passion for the story, for the characters, for the reader, for the escape.

So go ahead, forget all the reasons why you can’t or you shouldn’t be a writer. And write.

Because writing is a wonderful thing.

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