Tracking your writing goals

Each month I go through countless pages in my journals, detailing my goals for the next thirty some odd days.

How many days are there?

How many pages or words, I need to write daily to get where I want to be?

If I watch netflix for four days and do nothing in the way of writing, how much work do I have to do to make up for it…. Etc. 

I filled a fair few notebooks with facts and figures about my progress, and while I find it somewhat soothing and motivating, I could always do more. 

So you can imagine my joy when a fellow writer recommended Write Track to me. 

If you’ve ever participated in Nanowrimo, you’ll quickly realize that this free site is essentially an evolved version of the stats page. You can add as many projects as you want. Chose how long you’ll work on them, and how much you want to do. Want to write 60k  during February, go right ahead. 25k in August? Why not?! 

Once you create a project you can see how much you need to do each day to achieve your goal. The projects can be viewed as calendars based on your dates, or as charts/graphs. But be warned. LIke the nanowrimo stats pages, which sometimes claims that you’ll finish your November novel in February when you’re really only 3k behind, this program has the same flaw. If it’s 4pm, and you’ve only done 1k of your necessary 2k, the program will try scare tactics and the rest of the month will say you need to do 3 or 4k each day to catch up. Of course if you reach your goal for the day then the chart is totally accurate. No scare tactics til the next day. 

The other feature that I would like to mention is your ability to have friends on the site who can view your goals. My writing group is using this feature so that we can keep track of each other’s goals and make sure that no one falls behind no matter what their project is. 

If you’d like to check it out, it’s a free program and I kid you not, takes a minute to set up. Just enter your email, username and password and you are ready to go, so why not give it a try. 


Happy scribbling!

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