Ask and ye shall receive… Not buying into writer stereotypes

Some of you might remember a few months back I had a post about like minded writers and finding individuals to share in the crazed, caffeine fueled awesome that is novel writing. Essentially I wanted writing buddies who could be counted upon to give honest opinions and to spur me on when my inspiration was lowest. And in my moment of lonely grumblings, I put an ad of sorts on the National Novel Writing Month forums and lo and behold, I’ve now established a small writing group of about 20 young women, all with similar interests, ages and favorite genres. 

Ask and ye shall receive…

When I’d written that post, I believed that I was alone in wishing for others who didn’t buy into the lonely writer mentality. But I was wrong. And apparently so are all of those people who contend that a writers work is intensely private and therefore it should be kept quiet and hidden until perfect. If you want to work alone and never tell anyone about your projects until they’re complete go for it. Who am I to stop you?

I just want you let you know that if you truly feel alone and are bothered by the the absence of other creative individuals in your life or people to bounce your work off of, you aren’t alone. Somewhere out there, made closer by the joy of the internet, someone is wishing for the same thing you are. 

In short, I’m here to tell you that no matter what it is your doing, and no matter what you’ve been told, who you are as a writer (or artist, or musician etc.) isn’t defined by what others tell you it means to be a writer. You are defined by your actions and the people with whom you share them. 

Happy Scribbling. 

9 responses to “Ask and ye shall receive… Not buying into writer stereotypes

    • Thank you! I have been involved with a number of writing groups before this one and unfortunately I never had enough in common with the other writers to make it comfortable or productive. This group chose to come together with the same interests, ages, gender and genre. Everyone comes from a somewhat similar mentality and when someone makes a reference to something which is important to how they see things nearly everyone gets it.

      • Sounds like you found the perfect fit 🙂

        The only thing(s) I wondered about is: Do all 20 of you meet to discuss your writing?
        And doesn’t it feel like a rather large group when you have to read each other’s work?
        Or do you perhaps pick out 1-3 people each time and discuss their texts only?

      • Actually the entire group is run through Facebook and email. People post daily or weekly about what they are up to and if they need any encouragement/ want someone to help them with something specific. Then those people either chat together privately or converse through email. More often people will pose a question to the group or express some feeling between being overwhelmed or lost and we all pitch in to help them along. It allows everyone to have access to help whenever they need it and to at the same time connect with a small group of individuals who are actively going through the same things.

      • Absolutely. I’ve also found it more conducive than formal writing groups that I’ve been involved with because we are all at relatively the same place in our lives being that our ages are close and we all write in the same genres and have similar interests. It lets everyone feel like they are on an even footing with everyone else.
        And as I said there is the added bonus that we can chat any time, any day of the week and someone will answer.

        I hope more writers decide to set up groups like ours.

    • Never know until you try. I started my new group by posting in a writing forum describing myself and a hope to find accountability buddies of similar interest and within days we had so many people interested it just made sense to make it a group.

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