The best laid plans – When life gets in the way of writing.

We’ve all been there. The day you woke up ready to write and your kid is sick, or your computer breaks down. Maybe you had errands to run that took way longer than expected, or your pipes freeze and suddenly everything else is more important or more pressing than writing. It happens. You can’t beat yourself up for it. Expect the unexpected and all that.

So today I’d like to share my unexpected. Being of the mid twenties age, I’m at the lovely time in my life when my wisdom teeth have reared their ugly heads. Or actually they haven’t. They’re still festering away in my gums making snide remarks at inappropriate times, and just like any other rude house guest, they have overstayed their welcome in my face.

I’ve known that they would have to come out for quite some time now. What I didn’t expect was going into  my consultation this afternoon and having it end with, “Come back tomorrow morning and we’ll take care of them then.”


… Sigh.


I had hoped that when the time came to get them removed, I’d have a little bit of time to write more in the days before hand. Time to get ahead on my goals so that I wouldn’t be completely behind when I regained feeling in my face and could think without the Vicodin making me feel like a five year old on meth. Rest assured this is not an exaggeration. The last time I had to take Vicodin for a kidney infection, I spent a week watching the first two seasons of My Little Pony on repeat. Sometimes I would even be surprised by the endings, regardless of whether or not I had just watched the episode an hour earlier.

Clearly this doesn’t speak well to my ability for the next day or two in terms of my writing, and unfortunately that means I’m gonna be behind at least for a little while.

And basically I’m here to tell you that it’s not the end of the world. Sometimes we can’t or don’t write for reasons that we could have controlled. And then there are times like this where you cut your losses and say, “I’ll get back on track in a day or two. Until then, I’m gonna go back to Ponyville.”


Happy scribbling.

5 responses to “The best laid plans – When life gets in the way of writing.

  1. I know exactly what you mean! My kids have had a record number of snow days this year, and I get NO writing at all done when they are all three running around. Not even Pinkie Pie can distract them, although she wreaks havoc on my attention span.

    Here’s hoping your dental surgery goes well and that you are able to get back on track with your writing soon!

    • Pinkie pie does wonders on my attention span as well. Though I do occasionally pull up a video on youtube of all the songs from both seasons in one giant video (it’s like 45 minutes long). While it’s peppy enough to keep my awake I find myself singing along to the song a little too often to call it productive. Regardless, thanks for your concern. The writing will always be there until I get around to it I suppose. Until then, Hello Equestria!

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