Neil Gaiman Says “Tell Your Story”

This man is one of my biggest inspirations. For exactly the reason he says in the last few moments of this video. I don’t want to be Neil Gaiman, nor do I wish to be better than Neil Gaiman. Simply because neither of those things are possible, He is Neil Gaiman and I am me. His works make me want to be my best version of myself, put to paper.

Enjoy this people. It’s gold.


English author Neil Gaiman has enjoyed a level of success most of us don’t even dream of — winning awards such as the Hugo, Nebula, Bram Stoker, Newberry Medal, and Carnegie Medal. And I guess it is only fair, since I’ve already talked about Amanda Palmer this month, to also mention her husband and some of his insights into the creative process.

Neil Gaiman on Writing

Nobody ever sees your first draft.  Just get the words on the page.  You have to make your word count each day, and you have to write even when you aren’t inspired.

For those days when I need the extra encouragement, I’m going to come back to this post.  It is one thing to know it in your brain, but it is completely another to hear someone else says it.  And when that person is Neil Gaiman, there’s a certain weight behind it.


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