Goals for 2014

Now that everyone’s (hopefully) sober, and the new year has officially been rung in, I think it’s time we got our noses back to the grinding stone. I personally spent the last few hours of 2013 finalizing my goals for 2014, so today I’ll share a few of my more writerly goals with you.

Being an avid writer of lists, and a sporatic procrastinator do not a novel write, I’ve found, so I find it best to divide my year/months/weeks, with goals. I used to come up with prizes and consequences but after many months-years of tyring to sustain creativy productivity, I’ve come to the decision that if you have to bribe yourself to do something, it’s either not worth doing, or you aren’t doing it for the right reasons. So no consequences, no grand gestures for a deed well done.

-Win Nanowrimo 2014
I realize this happens 10 months from now, but I felt really bad that I lost this year since I won the last two years that I did Nano. So this is really important to me. ^_^

-Win Camp Nanowrimo 2014
I tried looking this up, but so far I don’t think they have announced the dates for which months will be “camp”. I’ve also got a schedule for which projects I’m working on this year, so I’ll probably only do one of the months.

-Rewrite C.O.S.
This is the first book I ever tried to write and boy has it been through some big changes. I’m working on the second full rewrite at the moment, but really this is like 8th version of this book.

-Send C.O.S. out to Beta readers (Hopefully send out queries later too)

-Rewrite Violet
I wrote this book last year and tried editing it very soon after I finished it and couldn’t find the heart to do anything productive with it. But I really love the story and it’s not the far off from being where I want it to be so I’ll be making that a priority this year.

-Outline a sequel for Violet
I’ve got a large cluster of notes that venture past the ending of this novel and while it might only become a Novella, I’d like to flesh some of those ideas out.

-Edit 5 short stories
The pile of forgotten short stories on my hard drive is seemingly endless. A couple of them still make me feel warm and fuzzy inside so they’ll get some attention this year.

-Complete 3 first drafts
I’ve got about 4-6 novels in the 20k-40k range of completion, and several of them I really want to finish, they’ve just been pushed to the back burner while I worked on C.O.S. and Violet. Well no longer. ^__^

That’s it. I’ll also be aiming to read 104 books this year, so that’ll be interesting. As it stands, 2014 is going pretty well for me. Let me know your goals (writing related or not) in the comments below and tell me how 2014 is shaping up for you.

Happy Scribbling.

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