The aftermath of Nanowrimo and the best place to plan your next novel or short story.

Well, November is sadly over which means that either you wrote a novel in a month or you didn’t. I did in fact finish one novel and start a second, but I regretfully didn’t come close to my goal of 100k. As is often the case with my lofty goals. I did however reach 51k and have five days to spare. If you competed in the challenge this past November, I hope you reached your 50k and had fun creating your latest novel. 

National Novel writing month aside, I’m really here to resume active blogging. As the great men of clerks would say I assure you, we’re open. 

Open for business anyway. 

Today I’d like to ask you all where you come up with your best ideas and share a few idea of my own. Certainly, many writers find themselves, slouched over desks, or lounging in a recliner when they crack open their notebooks or power up their laptops. Others may lay in bed, sit inside closets, or settle under tables. These along with a dozen or more locations, may make your top five for jotting down ideas, or getting to the meat of a project. And I’m not about to tell you that any of these places are bad for your muse, though maybe your backside. I will say however, that one of the most common issues I see and hear from you, fellow writers, online and off, is the issue of concentration.

Now concentration for us can require a lot of “perfect” conditions before we can focus.
It may mean that you need a quiet place, or a place to blast your own music and get into your world. You probably need privacy, somewhere without a lot of foot traffic, though you might write in a cafe, what do I know right? But the real biggie across the board seems to be isolation from technology. With emails, facebook, twitter, and good ole web trolling, who can focus on anything but the next celebrity scandal or political goof. With so much information bombarding us at every turn, it has become necessary to employ programs that cut off the internet for a while, or possibly pay off your children to hide the smart phone until you’ve written two pages. 

I certainly am as guilty of procrastination on far too many occasions when I planned to write, but tumblr, text messages or netflix got the best of me. No longer. 

Ladies and gentlemen, the best place to plot out your new project, presuming that you don’t actually need to type up the work, is….. 


Your bathtub. 


Seriously. No joke. No one’s gonna walk in and demand anything of you. You can have music or not, mood lighting or no. It’s pretty fantastic. Now I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, Ugh. The bathtub? But my paper’s gonna get wet, my pen won’t work when I drop it in the tub. What’s the point, it’s such a hassle. 


Well. Hmph. Check this out. 




That would be my giant metalic dry erase board which can pretty much survive anything, and balanced wonderfully along the side of my tub. The markers I used have little magnets on the end, so they stuck to it’s surface even if I happened to tip the board. 

Unfortunately, I was so comfortable and productive, that I very quickly ran out of space on the board. Enter space number 2.




Yep, dry erase marker on my shower walls. And yes, it did come off. A little warm water on the edge of an old t-shirt and the wall was good as new. 


So there’s my own little perfect office, I hope someone will get a kick out of this and give it a go. It worked wonders for me. 

Please feel free to leave a comment if you like the idea, or if you have any other unusual places that help you focus and get to the important bit. Writing. 


Happy scribbles everyone.