Legalizing Discrimination? Pff. Legalizing Hate.

I just read this article and I couldn’t be more disappointed in our country.

I’m sorry. I thought this was America, land of the free. Not America, hey you don’t follow my religion let me refuse to teach, provide service, or respect your opinions. The people responsible for this bill are disgusting. Saying that you should be allowed to deny service to the LGBT community because it offends your religion is criminal. Saying that a male teacher should be able to deny an education to women because it offends his religion is criminal. Saying that doctors should be allowed to not treat patients because it offends their religion is criminal. 

You know what? I’m not Christian. So when I see you wearing a cross, it wigs me out. Does that mean I should be able to deny you respect as a human being because we disagree? NO! Should I refuse to respect your choice to be Christian, or Muslim, or Buddhist? NO! It’s your choice. This is a country where the citizens are supposed to be free. Free from persecution, religious or otherwise. This bill is an affront to the ideas this nation was founded on. 

Just because a large portion of the country is Christian does not mean that the rest of the nation should bow down and take it up the ass from discriminating jerks who think the whole country should be one big white, straight, Christian party. ‘Cause guess what? There once was a man, not so long ago, who was Christian, and persecuted the gay community. He wanted everyone in his nation to be the same and some people agreed, and before long, he had enough people behind him that they could beat down and kill any and all opposing his vision of their glorious nation. You know who that was? Hitler. You know who supported him? The church. 

You want to see where this kind of discrimination leads. Pick up these books on the subject.

Betrayal: Churches and the Holocaust

Twisted cross:The German Christian Movement

This is where hate and ignorance can lead. Don’t support this. I’ve been to many church services in my life, and even attended Catholic school for a year. And while I don’t consider myself part of that faith, there is something to be said for being a good Christian. A GOOD Christian. Being kind, and compassionate, and preaching love rather than hate and violence. I wonder what kind of Christians these guys are?

Peace out.