October is coming!



Tomorrow marks the beginning of my favorite month of the year; October. There are a variety of reasons why this month holds a special place in my heart, for instance, Halloween (Read: better than Christmas imho). It also means a number of awesome things are upon us. For one, Nanowrimo.

Now technically Nanowrimo is a month long novel writing competition which occurs in November, but October means that I’ve only got 31 days left to plot my next novel and get my characters and their worlds under construction. It used to be that I would start November with no plot or characters and I’d just start typing at midnight, and while it was fun and I’ll probably do it again, this year I’ll be working on the sequel to a book I’m currently editing and therefore, I have a very real deadline before me.

While I’m chomping at the bit to get to work, I haven’t been actively writing fiction for the past four months while I battled illness, travel and the edits of the first book in this series. So what does this mean?

Well I’m a little rusty.

Or at least I feel that way.

So this month, I’ll be participating in a flash fiction challenge with a friend of mine and after each session I’ll be posting the results. That’s the plan at any rate.

If you’d like to join us we’ll be writing one piece of 500-1500 words in length each day of October to prep our brains for nano.

Do you have any writing traditions that you’d like to share? Are you excited for Nanowrimo? Leave a comment below and otherwise, have a happy end to September.