Technology blunders…

We all have these moments, I’m sure, where you’re writing something, or you already have it saved somewhere, and technology fails you. And it sucks.

I’d been contemplating what to write for a couple of days now, for my newest entry and I finally settled upon writing some flash fiction. So I fired up my desktop edition of Write or Die, and voila.

For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s a program which threatens you to keep writing. You set a word count goal and a timer and off you go. But if you stop writing for too long the scream slowly fades to bright red and then it plays horrible sounds, like screaming babies, and the devils violins and Hannah Montana. Just kidding about the last one. In any case, it forces you to stop worrying about being perfect and to simply write. The program can be used for free online, or if your like me and don’t always have internet, you can buy the offline copy for ten bucks.


So, thinking I might need a prod, I turned on the program, and I wrote a few hundred words. And then it turned against me. It decided that even though my time was up and even though I’d gotten as many words as I’d hoped to, I didn’t need to get put of the program.  So I copied the work and Ctrl Alt Deleted my way out.


So what’s the problem.


It didn’t copy.





One of the most common complaints I hear from other writers is computer woes, they lost their backups, the computer was fried, the program failed, etc. etc. etc.  And yet it seems we never learn. Although at one point or another, in this day an age I cannot see it being possible to completely forgo computers, but are there better methods?

So I ask you all, what has been your biggest technology blunder?