FocusWriter – The program that gives your writing sessions moods.

So as I type the draft of this post for you today, I am not on the clean, white, streamlined pages of WordPress. Nor am I writing to you from the blank pages of a word processor. I’m actually word deep in a lush red and green forest. Spindly tree branches brush up against the text and light filters through the tree tops in jets and streaks.




This super duper program I stumbled upon while wasting time at a fellow writer’s blog instead of working on my own novels. FocusWriter, aptly named, is a distraction free word processor to change all word processors. It’s not feature filled for your average project use though, so it isn’t going to replace your normal word processor, however, it is perfect (imho) for creative writers.


FocusWriter is a program which allows you to take pictures of anything and place them behind your word documents, so that you can really feel the environments of your story. Say that your latest novel is set at sea? Oceans, ships, and lighthouses ahoy! In a castle? Well I’m sure you can find some suitable creepy image of that crumbling mansion threatening to fall into the sea on the edge of a cliff somewhere on google for your writing purposes.


Not working on a easily picturesque novel? Well, why not pull up any of the thousands of motivating images such as d0474885d006cf65a7aa8d1aeb57a7f8


or how about this one?




Also worth noting, the scroll and tool bars are not visible until you run your mouse over them. My favorite feature (aside from being able to add practically any picture you want behind your documents)? The bottom bar which will let you know your word count, pages and the percentage of your goal complete. By the way, you can set goals in this program of either time, or word count. So say you have to write 1,000 words for the day? No problem. Only have fifteen minutes before you have to leave for work? Set the clock and the program will let you know when you have to go.


Seriously, how cool is this.

screen shot focus writer

I’m thoroughly enjoying it so I figured I’d clue the rest of you in to it’s existence. The best part? It’s free.


Go try it out and let me know what pictures motivate you to write in the comments below!


Happy scribbling.


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