Power through the end….of (Camp) Nanowrimo…

According to my timer, I have 1 Day, 18 hours, and 53 minutes left before I officially fail and let me tell you, it will be a freakin’ miracle if I win camp this year.

Now it’s totally my own fault, and I don’t regret the things I spent my time on instead of writing this month, but seriously, I’m super behind… I’m not going to go into specifics right now, because I plan to do a post about camp after the fact but I’ll give you a hint. I’m more than 20k behind… a lot more.

Anyway, what I really stopped off here to say is that for a those of us participating in Camp Nanowrimo, if you’re behind, these next two days are hellish. They are the most stressful, chaotic, mind-bogglingly tiring days of the month, and if you are there right now, I salute you. Seriously, you deserve a metal. But that comes when you finish on the 1st.

For now, I’d like to remind you why you should power through the back pain, the glazed over eyes and the carpel tunnel.

To finish the book! This should go without saying but having a completed book feels amazing. No matter if it’s 50k or 80k, seeing the words The End, is akin to Christmas.

To breath a sigh of relief. Seriously. Cause if May 1st rolls around and your book isn’t done, it’s still going to be staring you in the face, demanding an ending. Wouldn’t you rather have it done so you can ignore it for a few weeks before the edit. And then you can catch up on all that sleep you’ve forgotten to enjoy.

Be able to move on. Come the end of Nanowrimo one of two things happens to participants (at least the ones who finish). They decide that writing is epic and they need to do it all the time. Or they decide they never need to do that again… at least until next November. Same applies to camp. No matter which category you fall in, finishing your book means that you can either get back to your life, or you can get back to other projects. Either way just finish the damn book.

Pride. Plain and simple. It’s one thing to write a novel in a month. It’s another to tell the story of how you wrote a novel in a month and end the tale with “And then I didn’t sleep for 36 hours and I wrote 25 pages all at once.” (O_O) … <– You will look like that if you tell the tale on May 1st. Enjoy.

Also, to give you some idea of just how behind I really am, yesterday I wrote 22 pages… And it wasn’t enough… sigh.  (also it only took 7 hours not 36)

Moral of the story… Finish your Damn Novel.

See you on the 1st.